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cat d. olson

Award-winning performer Cat DeAngelis Olson has worked as a professional creator, teacher, and performer for more than a decade, most notably, as a principal performer in Punchdrunk's immersive production, Sleep No More (NYC).


She has performed with Punchdrunk (UK), Susan Marshall Dance Company, Gallim, Spiegelworld, Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move), Summation Dance, Raja Feather Kelly, and for Rihanna’s Anti-Diary campaign produced by Samsung and Punchdrunk. Cat has had the pleasure of performing at Judson Church, Dancespace Project, New York Live Arts, Jacob’s Pillow, Kennedy Performing Arts Center, Baryshnikov Performing Arts Center, and NYU Skirball Center.

As a creative director, teacher, and choreographer, Cat has worked with various performing artists in NYC, including teaching and creating for The McKittrick Hotel and the sold-out NYC run of the immersive concert, “Light + Space” (Ariana & the Rose) at Brooklyn's famous "House of Yes." Her work as Creative Director was selected to be presented as part of the Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center in 2019.

Cat is an Adjunct Professor in the Theater and Dance Department at Nazareth College and a frequent guest lecturer in undergraduate and graduate composition in the SUNY Brockport Dance Department. This Spring, she has the honor of being the Guest Artist at Rochester School of the Arts. 


Cat serves as the artistic director of CAT + THE COYOTE, an immersive/dance theater company located in Rochester, New York. The company made its debut at the Rochester Fringe Festival in 2023 and has many performances to round out 2024. 

By Louis Ressel


By Annette Dragon


Teaching, for me, is a profound journey that starts with understanding my students—creating a space where trust flows freely, and mistakes are embraced as valuable lessons. Teaching dancers/artists poses a unique set of challenges, given the constant exposure of our work to judgment.

However, I aspire to cultivate a judgment-free classroom, a sanctuary where everyone is not just noticed but truly seen, fostering growth and leaving each person changed, more in tune with their bodies, classmates, and their own artistic essence.

I envision a classroom where individuals can develop into fully formed artists—mastery not just in their skills but in the intentionality of their craft, understanding the significance of their voice in effecting positive change within the world and challenging the broken norms in dance.

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