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Dances at MuCCC 2024

Photos by Annette Dragon and Al Mosher




After the birth of my second child in 2022, I found myself pondering the notion of a "life's work." It was then that I embarked on a choreographic process has unfolded- a dance exploration named "Memoir."


Conceived as a research project, "Memoir" is not just a dance but a collection of solos intricately woven into the fabric of different chapters of my life. Each solo is a snapshot, a reflection on moments, experiences, and the evolving nature of the performing body.


Among the solos within "Memoir," Chapter 38 is the first creation—a structured improvisation intimately connected to the sounds in the music and the art of living in the present moment. This solo is a microcosm, a lens through which the broader themes of aging, experience, and the passage of time can be observed.


As performers, we grapple with the question of whether we can truly separate the nuances of life from our moments on stage. The sounds, errors, changes in light—all become integral parts of our performance. In the realm of Chapter 38, the dance is not just movement but a reflection of life's reality.


As time progresses, I anticipate the evolution of Chapter 38, a dance that will change with each passing year. How will my choices within its framework shift? How will the broader context of my life influence the narrative woven into this solo?

In a society that often favors eternal youth, "Memoir" challenges the norm by embracing the inevitable march of time. How can time be represented in a way that authentically reflects the passage of a life, navigating the delicate balance between the timeless and the temporal?


In the grand tapestry of "Memoir," I find myself not only creating dances but documenting a personal journey—a choreographic autobiography that mirrors the complexities of life itself. As the solos multiply and transform, the dance becomes a living testament to the rich interplay of age, experience, and the enduring power of movement.


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